Joe's Handcrafted Beers

You can't drink beer any fresher than from the tank at our brewery!

We're really proud of our fresh, crisp homemade beer brewed on premises by Joe Schineller, Jonathan Blake and Aaron Emery. We rotate our handcrafted beers throughout the year to satisfy every beer drinker… from the lightest in flavor…our Naked River Light…to the most assertive…High Desert Imperial Stout.


Great American Restaurants Pale Ale
2010 GABF Gold Medal Winner, 2012 WBC Silver Medal ESB… this copper-colored ale combines a full, malty mouthfeel …fruity, dry hop finish

Naked River Light
Classic light-bodied lager. This smooth low carb beer is golden in color with the fresh, clean finish of 100% German Pilsner malt

We brew a variety of seasonal & specialty beers throughout the year. Visit the Beers On Tap section to see what is available today at your favorite Sweetwater!

Barking Frog Kolsch
Light golden German Kolsch-style ale… Wheat malt with a delicate touch of hops… Fruity & refreshing

Bishop's Pass Ale
Belgian-style ale served unfiltered. Rich, strong and fruity with complex spicy notes… golden

Black Stallion Oatmeal Stout
Real oats add a sweet, silky balance to this rich, smooth, malty ale. Dry roast finish…ebony

Boot Hill Brown Ale
Rich, malty, and smooth English-style ale with fruity, balanced notes of nuts and chocolate

Buffalo Tooth's Double IPA
Aggressive & strong with fruity/citrusy notes of American hops, amber in color

Chipotle Porter
English-style Porter with smoked malt & spiced with Chipotle chiles… complex & very dark

Crazy Jackass Ale *2020 GOLD MEDAL WINNER*
2020, 2009, 2007 GABF Gold Medal Rye Beer… German style, spicy banana aroma… unfiltered… deep amber

Double Barrel Ale
Belgian Dubbel-style reddish brown ale with the subtle abbey ale flavor of caramel, raisins & plums

Flying Armadillo Porter
Dark English-style ale with notes of crystal and chocolate. Medium-bodied with dry roast finish

Ghost Town Pumpkin Ale
A lightly spiced but sweet, balanced ale made with real pumpkin… amber. A holiday favorite!

Giddyup Stout
Real coffee adds character to this roasty yet well-balanced, rich, aromatic, malty ale… black

Great American Restaurants Octoberfest
2013 GABF Silver Medal Marzen... smooth, rich, malty lager balancing toasty / bready notes with a hint of hop spiciness…russet-color

Gold Rush Sessions IPA
American-style Pale Ale, deep gold with bold citrus & pine hop character…

Happy Trails Christmas Ale
A sweet yet spicy holiday treat. Rich, strong, caramelly / ginger spiced ale

Helles Out Of Dodge
Munich-style classic “light” lager. Golden in color with a smooth, malty body and German hops

High Desert Imperial Stout
2008, 2004 WBC Silver, 2006, 2001 GABF Silver Medal Imperial Stout rich, roasty & strong.

High Road Scottish Ale
well-rounded yet milder with a hint of toastiness… tawny in color, sweet and smooth

Jackalope Canyon Ale
unfiltered American-style wheat beer / “session IPA-style”, light-bodied, amber-colored and hoppy!

Kokopelli I.P.A.
English-style India Pale Ale with British malt and hop flavor. Dry-hopped with a blend of English hops & Mandarina Bavaria hops for a spicy hop aroma.

Last Chance Lager
rich, hoppy steam beer / “India Pale Lager” hybrid… fruity like an ale, rounded like a lager… amber

Midnight Rider Black IPA
West Coast IPA meets Porter...citrus aroma, rich flavor & a clean dry finish

Outlaw Ale
smooth Classic English-style mild ale, earthy toastiness… deep amber in color. Rich-bodied yet low in alcohol

Painted Lady Lager
rounded, malty Vienna lager… chocolate & caramel malts…sweet & light-reddish mahogany in color

Paleface Summer Wheat Beer
Thirst quenching, classic German-style “Hefe-weizen”… banana / clove flavor, unfiltered.

Peacemaker Pineapple Pale Ale
An American Pale Ale brewed with real pineapple and lots of hops. Fruity, hoppy, refreshing.

Put Away Wet
an American-style Pilsner… very hoppy, yet smooth lager with malt balance and a dry finish… golden

Red Tape Ale
Irish-style Red Ale, decidedly malty with caramel / chocolate notes and a smooth finish

Rode Hard Belgian IPA
Coming soon... A very hoppy hybrid IPA… fruity, citrus notes with the complex spiciness of Belgian Wit beer

Roadkill Barleywine Ale
A strong and very aggressive beer with a rich and decadent malty character. A pleasant warmth from the alcohol balances nicely with subtle hints of vanilla and dried fruit.

Rusty Roadrunner Lager
Smooth, malty German-style “Dunkel”, chocolate/caramel balance… garnet-colored

Sidewinder Bock
2010 GABF Silver Medal Bock BIG, full & robust… rich, malty German-style classic… chestnut red

Silverado Ale
light-bodied thirst quenching Cream Ale with hop spiciness… straw-colored

Frontier I.P.A.
An American-style, citrusy, hop-forward IPA. Fruity and served unfiltered, the candy notes of caramel malts are balanced with the flavor & aroma of Pacific Northwest grapefruit-like hops.

St. Nick's Weizenbock
2006 WBC Silver, 2002 WBC Bronze German-style Weizenbock strong wheat beer, dark amber. Unfiltered with rich flavors of banana & clove…a holiday favorite!

Straight Shooter Stout
Coming soon... A smooth drinking, classic Irish-style, creamy ale with a dry roast finish…black

Wild West Fest Lager
assertive hoppy twist on the amber-colored “Festbier” lager, served unfiltered and dry hopped

Yellow Devil Pilsner
Classic German-style Pilsner lager bier. Crisp, refined, refreshing and very hoppy!

Yippee Ei O Springbock
strong, full-bodied classic German-style Maibock… surprisingly smooth & malty, golden-color

Iron Horse Lager
2006 GABF Bronze Medal German Black Lager, medium-bodied “Schwarzbier”… smooth, malty flavor

Wit's End Ale
2006, 2016 GABF Silver Medal Belgian-style “White Ale”... spiced with orange peel & coriander. Unfiltered, refreshing, & light straw-colored

Expedition Imperial IPA
This bold and vibrant Imperial IPA is our 1,000th brew at this location!

Red Ryeder IPA
A hoppy, citrusy West-Coast style IPA with the candy flavors of crystal malt balanced with the earthy, silky mouthfeel of rye. Red, strong and bold!

Sidearm Saison
Golden, classic, Belgian-style ale. Aromatic, farmhouse, spicy notes balance a mildly fruity, dry, and crisp finish.

S'more Stout
Inspired by everyone's favorite campfire treat, this stout is brewed with real chocolate and served like a s'more.

High Noon White IPA
Citrusy, spicy & fruity...refreshing IPA....it’s a cross between a white ale & an IPA

Round of Samplers
a mini pilsner of five beers on tap...a great way to try them all!

Cowboy Brut Champagne IPA
eEffervescent & ultra-dry, this crystal clear IPA is reminiscent of sparkling wine. Tropical fruit notes with a touch of bitterness

Aces High IPA
A hazy, juicy IPA with less bitterness and a huge citrus juice aroma and flavor