About Joe Schineller

A professional brewer with over 20 years' experience, Joe Schineller has followed his love for quality beer in carrying on the family brewing tradition of his German / New York (and Irish) roots. A descendant of the Eppig Brewing family of Brooklyn, NY and from the Frankfurt region of Germany, Joe followed his passion for great beer as his calling. He began brewing professionally in Vermont in 1992 and branched out from ale brewing to running brewpubs in New York. He's travelled in Europe and across the US, targeting his vacations on his quest for great beers.

Joe began as a brewing apprentice, bottling line worker at Long Trail Brewery and pursued his brewing studies while working through classwork with UC Davis Extension / IGB England and the Siebel Institute. He relocated to Virginia in 2008 with his wife and two children. Joe has worked 5 years with the mentoring of our original Head Brewer, Nick Funnell, and will continue a tradition of great brewing with our Sweetwater Taverns.

Ask Joe the Brewer

Email our head brewmaster, Joe Schineller, with any questions about beer, and he will be happy to respond.