“GAR is fun because our people take pride in being part of something special and love what we do."
Two GAR managers standing at host stand inside Patsy's American
An interior photo of the dining room at Coastal Flats, showing guests dining in the restaurant.
A Great American Restaurants team member smiling and standing in the kitchen and handing over a bowl of salad over the counter
"Our restaurants are filled with guests and staff that want to have a good time. GAR helps everyone feel great. GAR cares about our people on a whole different level than anyone else... and is also obsessive about the details. A unique combination."

Randy Norton, Founder & Chairman

“We try to set up employees for success. It’s important to have the right resources for them.It keeps morale up if they know they are supported.We make sure employees enjoy working here, that they have a good time and take pride in their work.”

Jon Norton, CEO

Randy Norton, Jim Farley, and Mike Ranney

In 1974, Randy Norton and Jim Farley opened a 16 table pizza place in Fairfax City, VA. Mike Ranney joined them a year later, and with the opening of Fantastic Fritzbe’s Flying Food Factory (now Silverado) in 1976, Great American Restaurants was born.

Through the decades, GAR has thrived as a result of their entrepreneurial spirit, enthusiasm for hospitality, and a ton of hard work by thousands of the best team players in the industry.

Window display that says "Fantastic Fritzbe's Good Time Emporium"